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Post scriptum 1

Kuvahaun tulos haulle nebula    Kuvahaun tulos haulle frankenstein image

Kuvahaun tulos haulle wowKuvahaun tulos haulle freedom of speech Kuvahaun tulos haulle angelভালবাসা  


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  (~A)  &  , (~B).   (Lk 8:32-33!)  


Open and watch  simultenously two of the just above links, choose one from the A and the other from the B group , in two seprate webpages,and witness a true miracle in your hearth! प्यार

Contritionem praecedit superbia et ante ruinam exaltatur spiritus.




Post scriptum 2

Praying in the name of Jesus that WTC twin towers would collapse when 17 years old led to a miracle (1 Cor 12:10, Lk 11:14-23)! Thank you God ! At that time I did not have any degree. I did the praying in precense of  two wittnesses, which I can tell you when we meet. This happened in a NY taxi at October 1998 together with those witnesses and out loud. Then I recived from Jesus the way how to do so as requested, knowing  Jn 14:12-14 and Mk 11:22-25 as a fact in mind. So, you do not certainly require another demonstration of this kind of miracle, since usually two times is enough in the normal scientific procedures to prove what is say is correct, i.e. Jesus is the true God! Bye! Bye! Certainly you do not want to fight against this true name, Jesus? Further, truly, should you want to avoid the decapitation plan of Finland at 15.11.2017 @night by Russian Federation Army which includes some manouvering overseas, you shuold read the all of the below bible texts, and the eagle link, somewhat seriously. Don't believe it? Then these texts shall demolish you completely NOW: 1 Jn 4:7-21&5:1-15&Jn 3:11-21&Acts 12:21-23&13:9-11&41! :) Lue ko. tekstit. ਪਸੰਦ ਹੈ

Kuvahaun tulos haulle arrow symbol   молодецupendo


 Quamquam ridentem dicere verum quid vetat?



Post scriptum 3

<=1 Cor 12:10@15.8.17=>


Mt 7:15-23&8:5-9 <=> &ความรัก = rakkaus


...wait.. the main points and targets (In current Israel) are of course 

1) to take the jerusalem wall control and wall, and west controls walls similarly away (and any other walls if there is any)

2) liberate all the people there (behind _all of_ the walls), and go freely to Israel

3) liberate Gaza, let all those Gaza people freely go to Israel

4) liberate all prisoners (innocent or not) in Israel, the way you have trieted them is desplicable!! 

   ->you deserve fate of wtc*4, at least, if there should be reason war, this alone would suffice!! (the prisoner treatment)

5) take Golan hights and West Bank and ... those settlement high there (not remember the names, you may check), 

    ->let the Israel go other place in Israel (or SA or US or EU) if they like, and control it but..

6) absolutely minumum border control between Israel and its neighboring countries (now until sun does not burn)

if these six point is not met by 31.9.20, then the following must take effect! if no one else than finnish military shadow section

..ok, then it is done, and you you may continue as usual..

New time of trust has to begin!

Otherwise one would practically do the above mentioned (1-6) points:

1) consider puchaching 100-200 small (miniaturedrones.. (see more instructions below)

2) send 2-3 flying low (always!!)

3) perhaps you have key targets going to airplane (or car..that has any electrics..) in Tel Aviv, such as the 'killers Drs'/rich people in general.. 

Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, Harari, E-P Salonen, P. Vesin, Boris Johnson, Wahlroos, or Eloranta ;)

4) decoy fly the first two near the departure of this key person; it causes a momentary halt

5) but they will resume anyway (in night??), and then fly (behind low and slow) the third mini-one to the combustion engine just when it is about to depart (and keep it 

and explode it remotely in mid-air/or immediately at the take-off, alternattively over-ride teenagers Iphone (or busy business man, or,) [you do not know how easy it is hack civial planes/systems..]

and give appropriate electrical impulse (or remotely) to the main computer/system/drive of the civiallian (perhaps even military) airplane, and hahaa, to cascade/dominate the system of the plane and drop it)

6) if it works, you may buy more (/remote dropper) drones, and do variations to various Israel (civilian and military) airfields, Always with one or two decoys! keep it simple

7) then you can expand this to target cities, one city at time (nearest to you, and Finally Tel Aviv)... (keep it simple)  i.e. in cities you must go for CARS! 

(same thing with the decoy, but this time to tires or scaring to the main windows)


so then do this couple of weeks/months (max 2-3), and then...

send your main troops and forces from three points in... 

(keep it simple, the access points have to be both unpredictable and easily accesible to main sights!!

(but one needs to have real troops, tanks and planes too, with this.. :( )

but start with decoy attacks first, and then go to the main places,

(then after 1-2 weeks start to do randomly real and decoy attacks (drone and otherwise), 

in patches of 10-20 (choose randomly the amountm but not too much!!)

but on the emphsis that real comes later...)  

and have enough brakes/halts between next targets (keep it simple); 

people must drink and have more drones and ammos (and fun ;) )

(If outsiders forces try to attack, then halt for awhile, 

and then dronebomb/gun(or both) them main source of fire, eg. antiaircraft, normal infantaryman, and shipcarriers

_via low flying (and sometimes randomly high flying), radar-indetactable quite fast

(also cabable of detaching or attaching to ships hull/sub-merged properrel or (semi/full/auto-)advanced helicopters or planes or antiair-craft/guns

(and remotely explode, or control two source drones away rnd) and comoufloused drones, and/or +small&/miniature/&3D-printable_

_airflift with other drones more drones etc., and also supplies, or normally_)

Keep the tanks first, and then others come... the convertible cars with semi-heavy machine guns,

snipers by foot next to slow-motion high places (just that, and shoot only if they come after you), 


the small infatry, and animal warriors, such as cats, owls and parrakeets (exploding devices-hidden) (max 200) goes 

afther these in three batches of trucks (concentrate people on one truck randomly

every arond half an hour, after destroing the military targets (nothing else first, the separating wall etc. later), 

and take the (Isralian) civilians back to your territory (let them go to Saudi Arabia, its hot there, like in hell!)

and occupy places the original with your people, one target/city at time!!, artillary is just for making noise next to

those who fear the most (Jersusalem perhaps?? Transveesh-s(v)iitti)

(attack-planes work as bomb and gun-attck-drones, low flying and target just by fear, 

and sometimes with real places and military targets; random, and jump out and go back to line one or two..)

(Sometimes also drop planes of dictators such as MyanMars president/general, Kim, Komeini, Putin, 

..ah there are so many, remember also dictators from corporate worlds..

Why we should not do this? Evil  people, no good + we got the skills and power to displace them easily and siftly!

+they are destroyin world (if not just the happitants who live in their country, unless part of 'essentials'=)

in addition, the 'secondary releay' tactic would be 'a perfect murder', 

similarly as they disposed us 'computitavely and iteratively witheir requitment systems' from their 'realm'/

do not recontact/lives in the bubble and blame&moralize;why should not we dispose them+couple of extras? 

They just continue to do so, ad infinutum? And say it is 'fair', history would be rewritten, and understood; before and after...)

And the process of recruiting is bad, do one need to have a clean CV with min. 3-5 years&/specific work experiences, 

or publication records etc. to be considered worthy to positions, which not necessarily solve the issues with the speed implied, such as Covid and MRSA?

Should we apply with more than 50 applications and if that is not possible look for hidden tasks or even change our career?

I wonder what would happen if every capable engineer in this world would start to drop commercial airliners, as proposed, 

immedieately if they are less than 50% employed more than a month? E.g. the ones of Russian elite if they do not stop poisonings?

And at the same time, they request us integrity, predictablesness and plastity of mind/tasks in every deed and/or discussion?

Tuliko tämä herra Putin et co! Me tapetaan teidät kaikki jos te saatanat ette lopeta saman tien sitä myrkyttelyä!! Perkele! :) 

Jumaliste sentään! Moskova tuleen! Je hei!! ;) Aina ja ikusesti aamen! Toivottavasti tämä tulee läpi, perkele! nyt saa riittää


One note, do use also (7) few planes to most high highrises (down this time) after knock-out of IDF airforces and anti-air, 

and some hybrid-long-lasting nervic/neutron/bio-chemical bombs (choose approbitely, or one-by-one (keep-it-simple)) to

a couple of very luxoriuos places (7) (perhaps also in other cities e.g. Los Angleles, Munchen, London, Zurich, and Moscow,

with possibly smart, affordable, relatively small and extremely fast long-distance suicide (and normal) drone bombers (many),

cabable of random manouvering and target going, carring with those above mentioned bombs), 

military facilities, factories, supply chains, escape routes and military personel, (and two main hospitals.., :)) 

so that they cannot be redeemed for 5 years at least, eventhough somebody would 

want to retaliate, and... this all together, I would say is the optimal method to 'driving Isarel to sea', but do not overdo,

if you still want to live there in any matter what so ever... :) ...

..Russian and others, except US/Nato go away with artillary 

(but bio-chemical/nervic/hybrid/mini-drone-batches-explosives inside 'bullet'.., but US and possibly other military ships with 

neutron/tactic bombs to ship/properrel hull/anti-air (with low flying c.flaged destroyer planes/viz. above mentioned drones)

(immediately, if they are in the range...) :)

When you control Israel airspace, then that is the end game.. probably you do not even have to install anti-ballistics, especially if you dig in




We may need combined Egyptian, palestian, Iranian, Iraq, Jordanian, SA, and Syrian etc. forces for this...

(But PLEASE remember to cut the internet and electricity quite soon, it will make it easier to go around)

---> so Israel should be defeated in around 6-9 months with this method 

(in practice, this should be done probably slightly faster..)

(you can choose when to start this, but I would recommend early next autumn (2021), 

try to do most of the stuff between 2:00-4:00 in night, random time points, use basic random-generator)


-if they, Isralian, do not yield, take as many helicopters as possible (like 6000) and surround the hights and via coordinative

methods with airforce (and attach planes), and yell them out from there (do semi sircle with helicopters around the hights)

If you also yell in ancient hebrew and arabic that Jesus has resurected, loves you, and the true wins come through his blood,

they will certainly not return for awhile.. Besides, Helicopters are the biblical creatures mentioned in the Daniel book in old Testament.:) 


-So also, at some point (after the main points are achieved) you should try to fly around semirekclessly 

..yes.. you may use rocket or two...

above Jerusalem and Genesaret , and Tel Aviv city during nights (couple of weeks), and 

meddle the affairs and houses of top atheists and their sights.., to implify and externify and loudify that the the word that

and during the day just go ground hiding (carefully), and during then evening and night return to work.

I got high above from Jesus is God's son, resurected yielding Holy Ghost from hevenly realms to earthly bodies

and God is his father (or vice versa :) )


but people doing this, in principle, should not have any hatered, restraint or crudge agains Israel and its citicents 

...otherwise it goes bogus.. (but perhpas a little bit bogusity is ok..) ;)

And now.. Israel cannot form goverment, ie. is dictatorship. Your victory is sure. Zebra fishes.


BTW for IDF: !! ISIS & some rnd terrorist IRAN & some anti-israel countries/respective ideologies; so continously demoralize/destabilize the key elements of those countries/systems, and you may win the war for awhile. Unfortunately, the strict law, blunt tit for tat, or unchristian comedy strategies are not working for your pure advantage! I.e. disable (heaven's sake, not kill... or what the heck, kill if you want, heh) those ideas and their main purporters/groups who could maximally win 'money' (gold, land, 'fame', 'slaves', and/or 'political power' etc.) if there could be a third world warThis includes some heavyly rich people. _be prepared for 3 world war_ I declare a war against misguided truths in the name of science, moralism and 'goodness', and all their diseminators. I declare a war against humanistic philosophies, worldviews (i.e. hiddenly e.g. antisemitistic and disintegrating), and ideologies. (repeat after me the two previous sentences) I show darkness, (You need to do this NOW!) & rely on the mercy, which you hear and see 

(this is not just feelings and computer algorithms, but also unsymmetrically distributed generation of dinglelidongies, which have... semireason and bluntness)

this 'war' has already been won in His name. Request it from Jesus. This is an optimal pre-emptive strike against the real world war three, which you will see if you are not bad enough, and let the fire burn (baby jee hee, LK 6:27-36). :) (thanks)


For ISIS or similar (not sure if this gets through): 

You should try to meddle with primary affairs and practicalities (regularly, like every 7-8 months) top ten to twenty rich people, politics, scientists, and atheists 

(with variations of those and different methods during those times (min 2, 3-7 preffered, and small things in between if motivations), 

_this is the method how to do war.. from now until sun dissapers_

sometimes people themselves, but choose yourselves the details, and be creatice. I trust you. 

We live in times where imagination is both appreciated and detested; persistence and patience do help.

One could do this e.g. 5-10 years unnoticed, but still necessary to ensure smooth transitions towards liberation from unnessary nonsensities, 

more inclusive and communicative societies, and general workflows for better things, e.g. water, energy, and education.

in Europe, China (particularly..), and US to purpurt/start 3rd world war... :) results are 'guaranteed', they will quite sure react badly.. hah ha haa...

Ja tässä Suomi-spedeille, jotka manaavat työnsä puutetta!! :) Te saatanat vielä keräätte ruumita kadulta työksenne, ja kylvette veressä ja oksennuksessa!! 

Miettikää tätä työtä tehdessänne, ja kun valitsette ratkaisujanne!

I do this because I want to increase emotional (or spiritual if you like) viewpoints and hearing capabilities to more holistic and greater levels..

and also for environment and democracy. we always need better democracy, practical solutions and environment!!

Corruptissima republica plurimae leges.




Post scriptum 4

Read these texts below from the bible, and you can undestand and do what I do! Amor, love TL;DR? Nunc scio quid sit amor!

1 Cor 13, Acts 2:14-41, Rom 9:11-33&14, 2 Tim.3:1-9&4:2:-5, Apt.28:26-28, 1 Tim 6:4-11, Gal.3:5-29&4,Jaak.2,1.Joh.4, Apt. 11:5-18, Apt-13:26-52,

Tim.4:1-5, 1. Kor. 1:18:31, and 1 Cor 15:12-58. But this is not all folks! E.g. Prov 30.2-9&Dan 3:8-30 => Rom 8:31-39.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle elsa ice

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