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The Outlines of the stories (Back)

  1. When I am in the Capital of Finland I use quite a lot of my time in reading, playing cello and writing too. What a joy indeed!

  2. I love the greener tehcnologies a great deal. Especially sun, wind and hydropower.

  3. I take so many photos that sometimes I go slightly "out of focus" (Woody Allen's expression in a movie) in a way that I feel that I understand the deeper meaning behind of these climpses of bliss! 


P.T. 18.4.2015-14.10.2017

Below are some of my updates to the outlines of these stories. :)


Something new and funny (2014-15)

Gre-lajittelu / GRE training

Falsification of evolution theory

Kirjojen lukemisen aikana havaittuja


Filosofiakäsitteistö elokuu 2014

newer (2016-17)

Kirjoittamisen aikana havaittuja

Python opas -Tikka

Mathemathical Modelling Matlab Assistance

Modelling in Biology


Python course


Older things 

Excluding perhaps one or two texts.

I do not know if these things are so relevant/nice in my life anymore,

but maybe jusf for your fun: 1) 2) 3) 4).